Monday, September 22, 2008

GANGES and beyond

It's Monday morning, and we are on the Kanaka dock in Ganges waiting for stores to open. We need groceries, I need to get to the post office, and we need to fuel up.

Getting here from Winter Cove was a breeze the other day -- actually, other than our East Point nightmare, the water has been calm everywhere we've been.

Some of the sights en route ....

We stopped in to Port Washington on North Pender (the only port on the Penders we haven't checked out before) on the way by, but it didn't look like anything was open (the only life we saw was the seagull), so we carried on.

On the Ganges harbour approach, we saw this gorgeous old wooden sailboat...

And then Ganges, one of our favorite harbours, came in to view...

So we've visited with family (in addition to my sister Julie, daughter Hailey,niece Doneen and her guy, Curtis -- Jeff and Mischa and the boys came over from Victoria yesterday for the day, it was great!), filled up with water, paid to leave our garbage behind, and we're ready to push off again. I've cast off one more hat, and today I'm intending to work on some UFOs (I'll let you know how that goes! And for my non-knitting readers, a UFO is an 'unfinished object.')

So far we've visited North and South Pender, Cabbage and Tumbo, Mayne, Saturna and Salt Spring Islands ... we're off to Retreat Cove on Galiano today. We've been by it numerous times over the years, but never gone in. We'll spend the night there tonight, or maybe at Wallace Island. (That link will take you to a page on all about the Wallace Island history, and at the bottom, there's actually a link to an old article I wrote when I was a guest columnist for them years ago!) One thing the article doesn't mention is that David Conover was Marilyn Monroe's agent, and he bought the Island intending it as a retreat for her... sadly, she never made it there before she died.

It'll probably be several days before I access wireless again, but now we have "8 more sleeps" of holiday time left! :-)


Georgi said...

Your pictures are beautiful! It appears as though you are having a wonderful time. How wonderful for you.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful adventures!

And such knitting accomplished - well done!

hope your weather holds with this turn to fall.


Anonymous said...

I've nominated your blog for an award. See my Friday blog post!