Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Sure enough, that whole Christmas thing got away on me, and I got away from blogging!

All of December was wonderful, though ... first of all, we went up to Sri's mountaintop retreat in Parksville for the first time. It's hard to believe that it's been four years since Susan died, and Sri bought this property at the end of that first year -- he's been wanting us to see it since. It was beautiful .... and difficult.

He had to pick us up at the foot of the mountain (a 20-minute drive from Parksville) and take us up in his 4 x 4. That's the Strait of Georgia in the background -- the view was amazing! 

Sri and his new wife Maryann are building a yoga retreat up there -- they've got their cabin done, and one of the 'classrooms.'
This is the path up to the memorial he built for Susan .... it was too cold to walk up there, but maybe if we go back up in the summer, I'll do it.
We spent the night at our favorite motel on the beach, as always - this view will never get old!

I decorated the boat minimally for Christmas ... I went with a 'red' theme. 
I saved my energy and our decorations for the house ... we got to house- and dog-sit for the property owners this year, so I was able to host Christmas in a two-storey, 6-bedroom house! All the kids and grandkids were here for most of the holiday ... it was wonderful. And I was so 'in the moment,' apparently, that I never once took out my camera until they'd all gone! (I'm kicking myself for that now.... but I did get this shot of Ben, the dog, in the spirit of Christmas!)

Everyone liked all their handknit gifts, too, and of course, we ate too much, and had a great time!

The lights will come down tomorrow. I'm ready to be done with Christmas, now. :) Happy New Year, everyone!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


We are having a record cold spell here on the coast right now ... with the wind chill, it's been getting down to -18 at night! That's pretty rare here, and we're feeling it. My computer corner is on the starboard side of the boat, toward the bow .... which means that it faces the 'weather', wind and all; there's an air scoop on the hull right outside my window, too. The result of all this is that it's especially cold to sit at my computer for any length of time right now ... hence, no posts the last few days.

Even this heron was 'hunkering down' to avoid the cold!
 Wanna see that a little closer?
We're off on a little road trip this morning, up to Parksville to a special community Christmas dinner we try to attend every year, and a pre-Christmas visit to my sister Julie and her partner Robert, and our old friend Sri and his new wife, MaryAnn! Home tomorrow....  :) 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I stopped at Blackburn Lake this afternoon to knit a bit between Welcome Wagon visits. It was cold!
 This is ice in the little creek, not water....
 ... and I just really liked this view across to Mt. Maxwell.
But I was there mainly to prove that it snowed here on Salt Spring Island last night...

See? :)

Monday, December 2, 2013


So it's 7:30 pm., and  I've booked a full day of visits and errands to run in Ganges tomorrow - 12 miles away, by the way. I've been sitting here beside the fire knitting, oblivious to the world outside in the dark .... and Michael just got home from Ganges, informing me that it's snowing outside.

Sure enough, I opened the blinds to see if it really was true ... and it's snowing outside.

Guess I have to wait until morning to see if I have to start cancelling my plans. What a shame it would be if I had to stay home and knit tomorrow.... lol. After all, I've just started the 2013 Advent Scarf, so I'll have  some knitting to do!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Well, I was tempted to take a day off from blogging after succeeding in completing NaBloPoMo, but I decided I better not ... I've got a habit re-established here!

I had a pretty lazy day today ... it rained off and on so I started a little fire in the woodstove, knitted a little, did a bit of housework (why, yes, I do housework .. but only when I really need a break from the important stuff I'm doing. Like knitting.) and finally blocked a shawl I finished over a month ago:

It's Harbour Lights by Sivia Harding, (one of my all-time favorite lace designers), but I used a narrower border ... probably about the 6th or 7th one I've knit since she debuted the pattern at the Victoria FibreFest several years ago. This one is a gift for someone I hope to see tomorrow, so I'm glad it's drying quickly!

Next up ... I've *got* to get the red baby blanket blocked and ready to ship -- it's going up-Island to Parksville with us on Saturday morning so Julie can take it to Alberta when she goes for Christmas. My niece, Doneen, had her baby shower today... she's due on January 4th, and I think this is the first preggo picture any of us has seen of her!
I might have to have another lazy day tomorrow... there's an outside chance there will be snow on the ground when we wake up in the morning, apparently.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hey, I just blogged every single day for 30 days for the first time in MONTHS! Now... let's see if I can keep it up....

Had a great day today -- finished teaching the 4-week intermediate class at Stitches Yarn Shop here on Salt Spring. Great class, great students -- it was a lot of fun!

Michael met me after the class -- it was 'Light Up' day today in Ganges, and it had all happened before I finished my class, so we drove around and looked at the lights a bit. Christmas on Salt Spring is a pretty big deal around here! Santa comes by floatplane, for one thing... that happened at 1 pm today:

There's a chili competition going on in Ganges right now (we were cold and tired so we came home), kids' entertainment, et. ... and lots of other Christmas happenings. Fun!

Day off tomorrow ... I'm looking forward to doing some Christmas knitting, catching up on some paperwork, and not much else! :)

Over and out for November....  :)

Friday, November 29, 2013


I had a lovely birthday day today ...

It started when I woke up to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on the table.
 And then Michael, who can't cook, cooked us 'breakfast' -- how cute is this?
I stayed in my jammies, knitting and drinking coffee, until almost 2 pm. Then I had to go into Ganges because today was the opening day for 'WinterCraft', the Salt Spring Arts Council's Christmas season Show and Sale ... and yours truly is one of the artisans in it, and I hadn't finished setting up my display and pricing yet! Didn't quite get done before the doors opened, but it worked out okay...
Wanna buy a lace shawl? Or a cowl? Or some Christmas doilies and 'mug rugs?' I got 'em.

Here's an overview of the whole show, which looked amazing ... my stuff is in that first aisle just to the left of the woman in the burgundy coat.
 This is Richard Steel, the manager/creative genius behind this whole shindig:
The show goes from now until Dec. 23rd, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, so if you're in the neighborhood, come check it out. :-)

Anyway, when I got finished at the hall, I got home in time to pick Michael up and we went to the Rock Salt for dinner. It's been a lovely day!

Tomorrow... my last intermediate knitting class. It'll be fun!