Thursday, May 7, 2009


A day in the life of *me* often looks like this...

5:00 a.m. Up for the day
5 - 7 am Knit, sometimes by the fire; read emails, catch up blog
7 - 8:30 am Morning coffee with Michael
8:30 am Usually down to Clover Point for my daily meditative knitting
10 am Back at the computer to write, or do FibreFest planning stuff for the day
3 pm Picking up River from school sometimes, running errands or doing marina admin stuff; planning supper
5 pm - 7 pm Supper ... here, Clover Point, dinghy picnic, wherever
7 - 10 pm More email, knitting, planning ... or whatever interests me :-)

Then there's days like yesterday. :)

I was up for the day by 4:30 a.m., for starters, (I *like* waking up early, by the way....) and at the computer, on a writing deadline. Had a quick coffee with Michael at some point, drove him over to our daughter's place to take care of Gibson, and then back to the computer. Finished my writing project by 11:00 a.m., and drove down along the water (which is my substitute for not having time to go to Clover Point) on the way to River's school for a production his class was doing. Caught this pic en route:

These are the two biggest cruise ships ever to grace our harbor, and they both arrived just before noon yesterday, in the pouring rain. (They were re-routed here from Mexico because of the whole swine flu scare...)

Went to River's school production, drove Mischa and the boys home after, and then had several errands to run. Net knitting, by the way? About half an inch on the navy blue scarf! Home for supper, out to my class at the store, home to bed by 10 pm.

This morning I feel like I'm coming down with the cold that's been making the rounds in our family for 3 months! Maybe I'll finally get those socks done, too....

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