Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It was the amazing Elizabeth Zimmerman who said "Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crisis." She also said "Knitting is good for the troubled spirit... and it doesn't hurt the untroubled one, either."

Both of these lines have been on my mind all weekend, as I completed one pair of socks, started and nearly completed another ...

The drive up was really nice ... lots of fall colors, and even a rainbow...

Susan's memorial was lovely ... and really difficult. Not just because I love and miss my friend, but because of all the layers of weird reactions and emotions we all have around death -- so when everyone's having them all in one room at the same time, it's pretty stressful!

We had planned to spend the night at my sister's, but by the time we left the service we realized we just needed to be alone and to not have to interact with anyone -- even my sister and our niece, whom I know would have been wonderfully respectful, but still... so we checked in to a motel in Parksville right on the beach, and it was lovely.

Yesterday morning we went over to Susan and Sri's for a bit of a visit (and that was also lovely and difficult), then to Julie's for a quick coffee before heading back down-Island. We made one more stop, for some 'baby therapy' ... my friend Monica from Mayne Island was visiting her daughter and two-month old baby just south of Nanaimo, and invited us to stop in, and that was also lovely -- and not a bit difficult! :)

Much work to get caught up on today ... wish me focus!


Unknown said...

P. Here.
Glad your home.
Call if you want.

Grace said...

glad you are back I was thinking about you and your trip!!!