Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wow, it's been over two weeks since I posted? Well, I still have only very spotty internet, for another week or so.

Much of the work we are doing here falls to Michael, so I've been terribly domestic -- cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, doing laundry -- and knitting, of course. I hope to have some to show you soon!

But we are settling in here, and already had Mischa and the boys and Hailey come for a visit on Canada Day weekend...
No pics of Mischa -- they all turned out really bad and she'd kill me if I put them on here!

I've started a new knitting circle at the Rock Salt Cafe right at the ferry landing .... I'll be there on Thursday afternoons from 2:00 - 4:00 pm.
And I'm very quickly becoming a Salt Springer, I can tell you that. I've:

1. Picked sea asparagus and added it to my potato salad:

2. Bought an organic cinnamon bun from a local farmer's roadside stand (check out the honor system cash box)!
3. Seen some freshly shorn alpacas:
4. Had to wait while a wild turkey and many babies crossed the road in front of me .... and ...

5. Seen Valdi in concert, on Canada Day!
6. Finally, gone for a dinghy ride in our new bay, breathed the fresh ocean air, and dug my toes into the sand where the tide went out.
Aaaaaaahhhhhhh............... we do love it here. For more general info about Salt Spring, check out this page or this page or this one.

I'll have my phone and high speed internet connected on the 12th, and then I'll be back to blogging as often as I can!


Monica said...

So happy to hear the latest news. Sounds like things are wonderful for you. I want to visit soon. Call me or email me when it's possible.


Esther V. said...

OMG...a new blog...and it is a GREAT one all the pictures.
Sea/ocean asparagus..never knew there was such a food..was it good?
A new knitting group!! wow...that doesn't surprise me one little bit.
It was an extremely hot day today...airconditioner going full blast all day.
Thought of you two as I made supper..some of Janis' delicious organic meat. Keep the blogs coming. GREAT PICTURES...good one of Hailey!

Anonymous said...

I've been a lurker for some time- can't remember how I found my way here, but I enjoy your blog. You and your husband live an interesting life in a beautiful part of the world. I'm glad you've found a new home and job after some upheaval. And love your knitting, too!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Marilyn! You sound so happy in your new area. I agree with Esther... it doesn't surprise me that you've started a new knitting group. I'm sure these gals won't be able to hold a candle (or should I say needle) to the Knit'n Cafe group, but I hope you meet some great new knitters. Think about you always. Hi to Michael.

Medelweiss said...

:) nice pics. Miss you at Serious.