Thursday, September 29, 2011


Note: The story I'm about to tell you is true. And it is ultimately knitting-related. And it's intended to make you LAUGH.

Night before last we invited Mike over for dinner to celebrate his retirement, at 78! (He's been the wharfinger at Whaler Bay for 5 years, and has now gotten all settled on a new dock in Ganges where he has NO responsibilities!)

I haven't cooked a roast of beef for years, partly because we're not big meat-eaters, and also because of the price of those things. But this was a special occasion, and so I shelled out for a (cheap cut) pot roast. Then I went to the farmer's market and bought a bunch of fresh-out-of-the-garden organic carrots, and fresh this year's baby potatoes. It took me two hours to prepare the veggies and dress the roast with onion and garlic and beef broth. Into the oven it went while I prepared an equally delectable fresh-organic-greens salad. Michael drove in to town to pick up Mike, and at 5:30 the table was set and they'd arrived back.

When I lifted the glass roasting pan out of the oven, the heat (it had been on at 400 degrees because it wasn't cooking fast enough), for some reason, went right through my oven mitt. I tried to get it set down quickly on the counter because it was going to burn my hand, but couldn't do it -- upside down it went, and all that lovely 400 degree fluid spilled over both of my feet! I happened to be wearing a pair of my handknit wool socks, of course, so as I was screaming in pain I also reached down and ripped off the socks so the burning would stop. With dinner now all over the floor and our poor friend staring with that I'm-absolutely-shocked-and-completely-helpless-deer-in-the-headlights look, my hubby had the presence of mind to get a basin filled with ice water for my feet until we could figure out getting me to Emergency.

The short story is that I have second-degree burns on my left foot, and first degree on the right foot. Yes, it was painful then, but somewhat better yesterday and today already, and they tell me by tomorrow it *shouldn't* be painful at all. However, I'm bandaged from ankles to toes, and I'm under doctor's orders to sit in my recliner for at least the next 48 hours with my feet up and doing NOTHING. A home nurse will visit later today. And then it may take as long as 3 weeks to heal completely, during which time I will have to be in bare feet, and in the recliner as much as possible (after all, it is nearly October, and one can't be out running errands, etc., in bare feet). Besides, I have a husband who loves taking care of me, mostly because I'm so cussedly independent most of the time that he doesn't get the chance.
So guess what? It's my feet that are burned, not my hands. I'll be having A LOT of guilt-free knitting time. Not exactly the ideal way to get it, but, hey, I'll take what I can get! Mwah ha ha.

I already finished the 'mystery object' which turned out to be a lovely cowl...
And yes, I'll behave myself, and do whatever those medical people tell me to do. I promise. :-)


Esther V. said...

Your sense of humour amazes me when I darn well know you are in pain...ouch ouch ouch. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to go to the wedding in Alberta next weekend....might consider renting a recliner for the van? (smiling)

I like the finished cowl...very interesting. Take care of yourself..and Michael..enjoy bossing her around!

Anonymous said...

Yikes!! Heal well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your accident but glad you have a positive prognosis. As you say there is the bright side of lots of knitting time!

Julie said...

OMG! I'm so sorry to hear about this and hope the pain is getting less every minute! I hope the healing goes amazingly well too. Are you going to be able to travel?? Without unbearable discomfort??

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. I can certainly sympathize: Monday I had surgery on the bones in my right foot. I can't put any weight on it for eight weeks. In fact, DH just brought my lap top in to the bed, where I (obediently) have my foot propped up high. We make quite a pair, eh?

Knit on!

r99 said...

Ouch! Hope you have a speedy recovery! Best wishes.

Joyce Sandilands said...

Marilyn, old friend, that is not the way to get an extra holiday! I haven't read your blog in ages but my new android phone connects to google and up my old Blogspot links popped.

Glad to hear everything is almost the same ... knitting, writing, Michael and sailing. We're doing the same too, Bob's last day at Bastion tomorrow! Get back on your feet and enjoy Fall.

Hugs Joyce xoxox (now my blog!)

Beverley J said...

Wow, hope you get well fast but still have lots of time to knit.

Unknown said...

You will heal really've a great sense of humor!
Your cowl neck scarf is very pretty!
Heal fast...knit plenty of projects and hopefully hubby will take lots of pics so we can see!
I really love your blog! (hopped over to see what Maria was talking about!) sorry for your accident!!


N. Maria said...

Marilyn, Marilyn! Knitting is a good thing at that painful time, for sure!
You are right, Michael would take real good care of you. :)
You are a trooper, Marilyn, and a super great hostess. I would know!
Love and hugs to you both!