Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am 3/4 finished the dog hair vest ... which is a good thing because it's recipient really wants it entered in the fall fair!

 It does feel as yummy as it looks, too.

My Ravellenic Games project was a Liz Abinante shawl, which I also finished...
It's called 'Ode to the Bay' and it'll be a Christmas gift for someone.  :)

And in other knitting news, check out this mitten story! That will be my next challenge -- I've been an Orca Network member for a long time, but stranded knitting is not one of my favorite things.

Much too busy having fun here! Hailey's been here for a week again, and we had the boys for three days, too. Lots of boating and going swimming at the lake....

Hailey goes home today, and I have to get back into Welcome Wagon mode now!

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