Monday, September 3, 2012


I've been knitting like a fiend on the dog-hair vest that has now become a sweater! That was the original deal ... I would knit a vest first, and then, if I determined that there was enough yarn, I would pick up the stitches around the arm holes and make a sweater! I'm about 7" into the final sleeve now, so it'll be finished this week for sure.

I took this pic of the full moon over the Harbour the other night...
 I finished decorating my fall Welcome Wagon basket over the weekend, too...
There has been an absolute explosion of jellyfish in the harbour in the last few days -- I'm not sure if this picture will do it justice, but there are thousands of them! This picture covers about a 2-sq-ft area (remember you can click it to see it bigger): 
We have been taking care of the marina for the month of August while the owners are away, so that has kept us hopping more than usual! They're back today, so we are planning a little getaway of our own, maybe next week -- I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday some folks on a visiting yacht loaned me their book about Chris Crafts -- I'd never seen this one:
But there we were, on page 101! (Well, okay, maybe it wasn't this boat -- but it could have been, there were only 50 of this model made).

 And here's the description...
Today Michael has to go to Victoria, but I will be sitting on the bridge in the sunshine knitting a sleeve. Tomorrow *I* go to Victoria -- I have a Welcome Wagon staff meeting, grocery shopping to do, people to visit, and beads to buy!

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