Sunday, June 14, 2009


Michael and I spent the morning getting the van ready ... that is, giving this giant yarn ball the throne it deserves!

The 'skirt' was apparently knit by Lucy Neatby a few years ago when she came to Salt Spring Island, from hand-processed Salt Spring Island wool. It's like a poncho for a giant -- the 'pom-poms' on it are about 5" in diameter! Here's a close-up that Esther took (you can click on the image to make it bigger):

Anyway, about 30 people showed up, the weather was perfect, and we all sat under the shade of the giant chestnut tree -- it was lovely!

Good thing we were packing up by 4 pm., though, or we might have been upstaged by this...

... yes, those cyclists really are naked. The World Naked Bike Day parade, with about 150 participants, went by!

Today we'll be doing a 'Spindle Walk' from the Laurel Point spindle sculpture through downtown, and ending at the spindle sculpture on the Museum courtyard on Belleville where we'll 'Spin Around the Spindle' from 1 -3 pm. :-)


Esther V. said...

HOW did I miss the bikers? had we gone for our icecream or did they go by after I left? toooo funny!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a fabulous day to be knitting in the park?! We also had a great time on Quadra (check the funknits blog), and thought of you all knitting at Mile 0 :-)


Anonymous said...

Totally upstaged by the naked cyclists - I bet your photo is going to be clicked on by many many people!!!