Monday, June 8, 2009


... until World-Wide Knit in Public Day, the kick-off event for this year's Victoria FibreFest! I'm pretty stoked ... even though I still have a thousand details to attend to, and some things haven't gone as well as I hoped they would, the whole Fest is still going to be wonderful, I think, with some new events added this year.

At Friday's Knit'n'Cafe, Esther and Irma (on the right) showed off the charity blanket Irma made 'by mistake.' When we described to her how to knit 'dishcloth' squares she heard it wrong, and did an increase on each end of the row, ending up with diamond shapes instead of squares. She and her daughter laid it out on her double bed to play with the design, and ended up with this. Sure lends truth to that line, "There are no mistakes -- there are only new design elements."

I've managed to make it down to Clover Point only once since Friday morning, and this is what I saw...

And then, driving home 'the long way', I watched this beauty come in to the harbour ...

And last night we took some time out to go to an Art Show opening ... the artist being Jason's new girlfriend, Kristen.

Locals, Kristin's art will be hanging at Lady Marmalade (near the corner of Johnson and Government Sts.) until July 1st if you want to check it out. We ordered a small print (what else do we have room for?) but I wish I had more wall space -- I love some of her work!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely week you've been having!! Beautiful side trips and art work, my my.

We'll send knitterly thoughts down your way from Rebecca Spit on Saturday.


Knotty By Nature Fibres Arts said...

That boat is my favorite in teh harbour, I can imagine an Agatha Christie novel taking place on it.