Monday, September 28, 2009

MONDAY, Sept. 28th

Hullllllllllloooooo again!

We left Ganges last week with intentions of heading to Winter Cove, and ended up instead in Montague Harbour on Galiano for one night. Not sure what 'led' us there, but we didn't even get off the boat, and left the next morning for Winter Cove, after all.

Love it in Winter Cove (Saturna Island). It's protected and calm, and yet you can see wide open Georgia Strait -- and all the way to the city of Vancouver -- through about a 50' wide opening.

Here's the same opening at sunrise...

Apparently there can be up to a 2' difference in the tides on either side of that opening... and you can kind of see it in the photos, I hope.

While we were there, we went for an inflatable ride over to Bennett Bay, and Horton Bay, on Mayne.

This is what's left of an old Japanese farm in a little cove in Horton... we dropped anchor and had our picnic lunch there. :)

I've been playing with settings on my camera more than ever, and have taken a series of 'reflections' photos...

And here's a pretty little fishboat conversion that was anchored next to us (and you can see more of the land-based park in the background):

Much knitting has taken place, of course... first of all, I finished a huge Christmas stocking of my own design which will be felted when we get home, and become a special gift for a special someone. It was a labor of love, too, because it included some intarsia, which is NOT my favorite kind of knitting...

And I've nearly finished a hoodie for Gibson ... another of my own designs, but I'm stalled at the moment because I can't figure out the neckline/shoulders -- that requires doing some math, and having to concentrate, both of which are beyond me at the moment!

We are now back in Poets Cove (who can resist one more chance in the pool and hot tub???) and generally headed south ... we'll leave tomorrow or Wednesday and probably get back to Sidney Spit, at least. Technically we are supposed to be at home on Wednesday, but the earliest we really HAVE to be home is Saturday, so depending on weather, we may dilly-dally as long as we possibly can!

I may get to update one more time before we're back in Victoria ... thanks again for all of your support -- we're enjoying the holiday, but sure wish the circumstances were different!

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Hailey said...

Ma, those Reflections Photos are some of the prettiest 'smoothest' photos you've displayed - so pretty with the colours, and light. Love them. Also love the two with the little look out to Vancouver.


Happy last days cruising...