Tuesday, September 8, 2009


No, it's not cold here at all, I just wanted to show off the tabard and toque I finished!

This whole wireless thing is REALLY frustrating ... when I can get on, it's slow, slow, slow. We are still at Bedwell, but will be leaving on Friday morning for Cabbage Island, and then I won't have a connection at all for several days.

This group of party-ers....

... made for a dangerous situation for the last 3 days. They 'rafted up' like that with only one anchor holding all those boats, and dragged all over the place! They snapped an anchor on another boat near us, but they finally left yesterday, thank goodness!

It's been raining sometimes at night, and cloudy with sunny periods during the day...

How perfect is that? :-)

I've taken a ton of pics, but they take so long to upload, so I'll save them until we're on a dock somewhere!

It's all good, we're exploring and relaxing, and I'm knitting, and Michael is doing little projects on the Wind Walker. I'll check in again before we head off to Cabbage!


Georgi said...

The last picture of the sky is gorgeous. I hope you are having a wonderful time.

Esther V. said...

The tabard and toque are amazing!! you never cease to surprise me with all your projects.
Way to go!!
What's with the skull and crossbones on the flag on the big party boat...eek!
Have a great holiday.

Hailey said...

Great Picture of you, Ma!
Colours work well for you.

Can't wait 'til the next update.

PS - I've got some great ideas of knitting projects for you to knit me since I've been 'window' shopping with fall fashions out in stores now. Don't know if I can wait 'til October 1st to share them with you!

Hi & Love to Dad,

Anonymous said...

Really like the tabard and toque, great colours.

Sounds like quite the adventure already!


Grace said...

I love your tabard and toque Really nice! and your vacation looks remarkable!

Unknown said...

The knitting is beautiful. Yea, for you.
So happy to see your face. I've missed you. All these other people know you'll be back safe and sound. I'm new at this living on a boat thing. You do not have to come home. Cause you are at home.
Any how. I want you to find a pearl so badly. I want you to find a silver or a black one. I just do.
Have lots of fun.
Remember S,S, and S.
:D Penny. I know Robin say's hey too!