Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Where did the weekend go? I know I made it down to the water at least once, because I took this picture of the HMCS Oriole coming back in to the harbour sporting brand new navy blue sail covers.

The ketch-rigged Oriole was purchased by the Navy as a sail training ship, in 1957, for $14,500. She is both the oldest vessel and the longest serving commissioned ship in the Canadian Navy -- in addition to racing, she does lots of 'community service' and was supposed to be in the Carol Ship parade, but she wasn't. Here's a shot of her under full sail...

We went to Penny and Robin's for roast beef dinner on Sunday night -- it was lovely! We hadn't had roast beef in years, probably ... AND ... they play euchre. Not only that, but the GALS won!

Knitting has happened, too, but not a lot that I can show given the time of year. I have, however, been wanting to knit this cloth for a long time:

River was in a fun mood, so he modeled it for me. It's from the 2009 Knitting Pattern a Day calendar (August 12th), and it was totally fun to knit.

We went with Mischa yesterday to take the boys to Santa ... and I got my own pics while they were waiting in line.

Got home after dark, but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... it was snowing!

(That's the 'scaled down' version of the Wind Walker's winning lights -- we have to put the tarp up when it's raining (so some of the bridge lights had to come down after the parade), and one other Christmas tree got destroyed in the wind. The tarp goes up, by the way, because 1) it's not sea water that destroys old wooden boats, it's fresh water -- and because 2) we don't want to constantly mop up the bridge all winter, and 3)it creates a 'porch' for Michael!

The snow's all gone this morning, but it was fun while it lasted.