Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, that was fun! And sad... and fun...

Only four of us showed up for the FIRST ANNUAL Boa Ride -- but Jollean only thought of the idea a few weeks ago, so there wasn't time to really get the word out much. That's okay, we had a good time, and we brainstormed ways to make this a truly annual fundraiser starting next year.

We headed out from Jollean's to the weigh scales south of Parksville, and then swung along the water on Resort Way -- whooping and hollering and laughing the whole way, I might add! First stop was Jollean's hubby's office so he could take pictures of us...

Then we went to 'Judges Row', the street where Michelle and Ken lived for many years and where Ken scattered her ashes (they were caretakers of an estate there, and Michelle LOVED it!) -- our purpose was to leave a few feathers behind for Michelle, and to blow her some kisses to be carried by the ocean breeze she loved so much:

Michelle rode with us the whole way in the form of this card (with a photo of the original 'boa girls') --that's her on the right in the red boa, which I had the honour of wearing on this ride.

Finally, Ken met us at the Golf Club, which hosts the business networking group that Michelle belonged to for several years:

The weather cooperated, we all shared some memories of Michelle, and we generated some great ideas to put the event on the map for next year ... I'd say that was a success. :-)

I got home yesterday afternoon and Michael wanted to go to the water after two days of working on the boat, so away we went. (Switching tracks here...) -- We got to Clover Point just in time to see this huge bald eagle snacking on the remains of a baby seal (awwwwww....) ...

I just slept for almost 9 hours (unheard of, for me!) so I guess I was tired! Today is Knit'n'Cafe, so I wasn't planning to accomplish much, anyway.

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