Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My sister Julie with the Mill Bay ferry just coming in in the background...

While we were sitting in Maple Bay, a squall came up and pretty much made the entire bay disappear ... and then we looked up and saw this!

We ended the day (Saturday) with dinner overlooking Cowichan Bay ... but I was cold and hungry and tired by then, and forgot to take any pictures!

On Sunday we knew we'd be cooking the big family dinner at Mischa's, so we didn't want to venture far away -- but we did make our way out to Cordova Bay ...

Julie walked down those stairs to the beach to get some photos while I stayed in the warm and dry van to FINISH the blue cotton shawl I've been working on FOREVER. Here it is in its unblocked fine-ness!

While Julie and I cooked Easter dinner, Michael, Jason and Joshua napped and Mischa and Hailey took the boys to Beacon Hill Park for the annual Easter egg hunt. They took my camera with them...

And, once again, at dinner I never got the camera out!

Oh, well, it was a wonderful weekend all around... Julie left on Sunday evening, and Hailey and Joshua left yesterday morning (Hailey on the Vancouver ferry, Joshua on the up-Island train), and then we had visits yesterday from Mike on Galiano and an old friend, David, from Nanaimo.

I need a day off now. :)