Monday, August 9, 2010


No way .... this is the first time I've posted in August?? Well, it's been a busy month already, that's for sure. It started off with the annual BC Day Victoria Symphony Splash, always a highlight of our year, last Sunday. Here's the decorated and sound-ready barge, first being moved from the Upper Harbour (where we are) to the Empress docks where the concert took place:

Michael and I and Gibson in our inflatable towed Hailey and River in a borrowed aluminum boat (lots of room for stretching out, and for food, toys and blankets, which would be needed later):

The theme this year was a salute to our Navy's 100th anniversary, and they were there to help celebrate:

Here's a sense of the crowd, which they always estimate at about 40,000 people around the harbour:

We love doing this 'by boat,' where we get front row seats:

Here are a few shots of our neighbors -- always part of the fun!

The boys have a good time!

The concert was amazing, as always ... during the grand finale it's always almost dark...

... and the final number has cannons, a pipe and drum band, and fireworks!

And then, in the darkness, alone on the stage, the pipe and drum band plays 'Amazing Grace' as the crowds slowly make their way home, and Symphony Splash is over for another year...

I have much more to tell you about .... Victoria's Electronic Music Festival, my trip up-Island (during which I got a tour of the Island's only Fibre Mill and interviewed its owner, Anna Runnings), the BC fires, and last night's dinghy dinner -- but it's just taken me 45 minutes to complete this post, and today is our 31st wedding anniversary, and we're going on a road trip! More later... :-)
***(EDITED TO ADD: And I just found out that we share our anniversary today with what would have been Elizabeth Zimmerman's 100th birthday -- another reason to celebrate)!

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I miss Symphony Splash.

Congratulations on your anniversary!