Tuesday, August 10, 2010

VEMF and

While we were enjoying Symphony Splash, our son was the General Manager for another local event called the Victoria Electronic Music Festival, held in Centennial Square on the same day.

Depending on who you listened to, the event got good press and then bad -- I wandered through long enough to give Jason a hug and look around, and it felt pretty good to me, but the local paper reported several arrests and troubles. About 10,000 folks attended, and what I loved about it was the diversity of the crowd -- from kids to ancient hippie-types (you know, like me) everyone was dancing and laughing and having lots of fun.

I also finished socks #51 on that weekend, and Hailey immediately claimed them ...

I still need to tell you all about my tour of the Qualicum Bay fibre mill, but first let me describe the day I was there. There are a lot of forest fires burning on the mainland right now, and the smoke is drifting across the Strait. Here's what the area looked like, in full daylight...

It was pretty eerie!

Ok, tomorrow's post will be about the fibre mill tour, and then I can tell you about our road trip yesterday (which was, in short, uneventful and lovely)!


Grace said...

What fabulous socks you snuck in that post, I adore them and would have fought Haley for them

Loved the rest of the post too!!

Unknown said...

Hey there. I just realized why you may not have gotten my other comments. I was using the other page and I would press the return and go onto another site.
Today, Robin is home and I pressed return started listening to the news on t.v. and low and behold your fill in page was still there. Why? Because I was filling in the send to a friend page without giving a friend's email address. TA DA ! At least that is all I can come up with as to why you did not get them. I love your pages. Happy Anniversary!!!Congrats to a great son who cares for others.