Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ha! I should have known that I wouldn't get in another post the other day .... even now, my life moves too fast.

What I intended to post the other day was some harbour pics.... first of all, a first-ever dirt bike competition was held here, ON A BARGE. Dubbed 'JumpShip,' and we had a front-row seat from the bridge of the Wind Walker while the boys were here, so it was great free entertainment.
You can see the barge, lower centre, in this photo, and some of the jumps they flew over, etc. I think the festival was a roaring success, judging by the enthusiastic crowds! Look how low a local news channel helicopter came in the harbour....
Knitting has been happening -- I finished another pair of what I call 'plain jane' socks..
... and I am almost finished a way more interesting pair, a test knit for my sailing pal Terry . The variegated yarn I used doesn't do justice to this great pattern -- more about those when the test knit is complete!
A local whale-watching company has added a big fancy-dancy dinner-cruise type yacht to its repertoire, and I caught sight of it going through Enterprise Channel the other day ....
... which is exactly where we'll be going, tomorrow morning at about 9:30 a.m., en route to our new dock on Salt Spring Island! I may not be back online for a week or two until I get internet access sorted out, but I'll post here as soon as we're settled.

Final STANLEY CUP hockey game tonight -- dinner at Esther's to watch the action, and then home for a good nights' sleep. GO CANUCKS GO!!


Esther V. said...

All the best to you and Michael on your new is never boring!!
Must say that our times together have been special and I will miss you alot...but will see you over on Saltspring for sure.

Anonymous said...

Safe journey tomorrow Marilyn! and good luck on your new life on Saltspring.