Wednesday, August 17, 2011


After seven years of living right downtown, I've had to adjust to planning a whole day just to 'go to town' now. Ganges is about 15 miles away, so you don't want to forget anything!

We have to go to a building supply place to pick up new supports for this dock repair...
Apologies for the twilight picture .... is this one better? :)
Anyway, so we have to go to Ganges this morning. That means ....

- gathering up the laundry to take to the only public laundromat on the whole island;
- making sure we have all our garbage and recycle-ables sorted and ready to go (there is no pick-up here on Salt Spring -- we have to deliver, and we actually pay by-the-bag for our garbage disposal);
- have any paperwork or banking that needs to be done, with us;
- have any phone numbers or addresses we need (in this case, I'm picking up a freezer that's being given away!);
- have the empty egg cartons to return to the farm where I'll pick up another dozen organic eggs on the way home;
- having a thorough grocery list (this will become even more imperative at the end of September when the Fulford village convenience store, Patterson's Market, closes for good).

I've gotten tired just making that list! However, it's moments like this one, last night, that make up for the inconvenience of living in a rural place...
(Click to see a larger photo of our evening 'serenader')! Probably someone waiting in the ferry line-up ... but what a lovely way to pass the time...

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