Monday, August 22, 2011

Woke up at 4 a.m. to the sound of rain on the roof .... I can't remember the last time it rained!

Just to catch up from last week .... I never did get that freezer, but an entirely different one should be getting delivered here today. I can hardly wait ... I've been picking blackberries for about a week, and buying great produce at the market, as well.

Fulford is such a sleepy little village that anything out of the ordinary gets noticed... so last week, when I glanced out the window, I saw a huge barge being brought in to the bay by tugboat. We hopped into the inflatable and buzzed over to Drummond Park (across the bay) in time to watch two buildings being unloaded onto the beach!

The smoke is coming from the tugboat, powering up to manoever the barge onto the beach. I spoke to Nickel Bros. House Movers the next day and they said they purposely beach the barge about 2 hours before high tide so that by the time the tide comes fully in, they are finished and the barge is re-floated.
This is the crane putting ramps in place for the trucks to drive on to the barge -- the buildings are already sitting on trailers. I have a great video of this whole process, but it's 7 minutes long and the file's too big -- if I can figure out how to edit or compress it or something, I'll upload it.

I've tried to find out who the recipient of these buildings is, but no one has returned my calls so far. It was a fun evening in the dinghy, anyway!

More random scenes from around the harbor... a neighbor on the government dock bringing his sailboat around the ferry dolphins:
... an evening parade past our stern:
... and a seagull hoping to be fed:This past weekend there was a big event here on the Island -- the 12-step 'community' holds annual rallies in various places, and the annual Salt Spring one is a huge camp-out. We didn't camp (because we can drive there in 20 minutes) but it was fun to see lots of old friends, and much to my surprise, I tried BBQ lamb for the first time in my life. It was delicious! The event is held at the Salt Spring Island Farmers Institute , the same place that houses the local museum and the Gulf Islands Spinning Mill ... but I didn't have time to visit either of those places. Another day!

Today we'll be hanging out at home because tomorrow we have a boat cruise planned with several elderly folks, and we need to build a new set of stairs for them to get aboard (the old one got tossed in the dumpster when we left Victoria)! I hope to find some knitting time .... I've got about 18" done on Julie's stole, and of course, another pair of socks on the needles. :)

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