Monday, February 20, 2012


I started another set of classes on Saturday -- sock knitting in the morning with three students and intermediate knitting in the afternoon with three different students. I love teaching, and this connects me with more Salt Spring Island fibre folks, too, so it's lots of fun.

Other than that, I'm not very productive around here, besides knitting. I'm wearing cotton fingerless gloves 24/7, taking antihistamines and trying various lotions and potions on my skin - to no avail. Back to the doctor tomorrow and hoping to get some answers!

We did go for a bit of a drive the other day, which was nice... here's Ganges Harbour from the Sailing Club parking lot:
The town of Ganges is sort of off to the left in these photos. You can see a crane on the sailing club dock -- apparently there was a mishap here last week when the crane collapsed, but no one was hurt and it looked to us like it was 'business as usual' when we were there - that business is building all new docks and dredging to expand, as well. You can see the progress here:

I'm just about finished the last of the eight items that I got the commission for in the fall. This is a gorgeous cowl, and the yarn is yummy - hand spun, hand-dyed merino (that the woman sent me from her stash):
It's a foot wide now and I'll be casting off this morning! WHICH enabled me to cast on for cowl #3 in Ravelry's Great Cowl Knit-Along:
It's called 'Weeble-Wobble, and it starts with a mind-numbing 10" or so of stockinette stitch -- I'm breaking it up by purling a few rows of the solid color every few inches of the variegated.

I took it with me to work on yesterday afternoon while I attended a meeting to learn how to be a 'herring watcher.' Apparently, many moons ago, there was a huge herring spawn along Salt Spring's shores every spring that pretty much disappeared... but there's some indication that the herring may be coming back, and a volunteer group has come together here to watch for signs of it (because we can 'encourage' more spawning in various ways if we know where they're spawning)!

So I'm now one of about five volunteers who will be watching for signs of herring here in Fulford. Here's what the roe looks like on kelp or along the shore:
Seagulls are gorging themselves:
There can be orcas, sea lions and bald eagles around ... all of which feed on the herring and the roe. It's pretty magical when there's herring around -- should be fun! (You can read about one of my many herring adventures here if you want).

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