Friday, February 24, 2012

Sure glad we got 'out and about' yesterday and the day before because it's yucky out there this morning.... and we've heard a rumor we might see some of that 's---' word today. It feels cold enough -- I started the woodstove before I even put coffee on this morning.

The view from Mt. Tuam ...
Looking south past the ferry terminal to Sidney Spit Marine Park, top right! And to the left...
The San Juan Islands in the background -- pretty country we live in, huh?

There's a boat launch on Isabella Pt. Road, so we pulled in there to hang out for a bit -- Michael reads the paper and I knitted on the Weeble Wobble Cowl (which is now taking forever!) while we watched Al...
Al is the human, I never did get the dog's name, but in true journalistic fashion I *did* chase the story! The dog, a huge boxer/bull mastiff cross, has had surgery on it's back knees, so his owner is providing this daily therapy -- in full wet gear and hanging on for dear life to the leash while the dog tries to swim away (because he loves to swim, apparently, but just needs the non-weight-bearing exercise). After Al and his dog got in their truck and drove away, along came Bill:
... who was up-up-and-away in no time!

On our way home, we passed this Hydro crew ... they seem to be replacing poles all over the Island right now.
It was a lovely drive, and walk, in warm gorgeous sunshine!
And by the way, this nice-looking dude here has passed the three-month mark, and is still smoke-free. Yesterday we really noticed a nice new thing .... the yellow stains are gone from his fingers, and his moustache!

Off to knit ... and stoke the fire.

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Esther V. said...

please share this with ALL your Facebook friends... watch FULL EPISODE...

especially important for teenagers... the one of the young girl posting her birthday party invitation BUT DID NOT mark it private and it went out to the PUBLIC.... omg. what a mess.