Monday, July 16, 2012


I'd forgotten that I'd taken pictures on the way out to, and anchored at, Russell Island the other day... this one was taken en route, looking across Swanson Channel toward Sidney, and our 'local' ferry (the Skeena Queen) coming in to Fulford Harbour:
 This is a lone tree on a point at Russell, completely unprotected from the south-easters that howl through here in the winter-time. The raven likes it, though!
 Remember that you can click on the pics to enlarge them ... and then you'll be able to see the great blue heron perched on the tip of this tree!
This family went by in their double kayak (with the kids in the gear stowage pockets)!
And we watched this oyster-catcher for at least half an hour... (not a great pic but I had to zoom in...)
 I love this scene .... looking back into our little corner of the world ....
Back here on the dock, Dan, who is one of the tenants, caught his first Salt Spring fish the other day -- it's about a 10-lb Chinook salmon, and he gave us a couple of steaks from it!
 The next day (in fact, the last few days) have been storms of the thunder-and-lightning variety (very rare here) -- here's the rainbow hanging over the government dock along with the next wave of electrical activity on its way:

After the weird lightning storms of last week, here's the view out my window this morning... it looks like October, or February!

And finally, in the knitting department ... the blue sweater turned out to be completely
asymmetrical (thanks for the spell-check, Esther!) and wonky, so it's been frogged and tucked away for another day... I have no idea where I went wrong, but it was weirdly mis-shaped, and I didn't really notice it, of course, until I had about 2" to go to cast off!
 ... and the Bouvier vest (scroll to the bottom of that link) is moving right along ... about 11" of the back done.
This morning I'm having coffee with the Welcome Wagon area manager, and then there's knitting at Barb's Buns in Ganges this afternoon. Life is good! :) 

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