Friday, October 12, 2012


Happy International "I Love Yarn" Day!
It's also the end of International Wool Week in a few countries, and the start of it in others!
In New York City a few weeks ago, this fountain was drained and replaced with a little bit of wool....   :)
No big celebration planned here, but I sure want to publicly acknowledge my sheer appreciation for the wool industry, and all the great fibre folks around the world who keep it going! And, just in time, a parcel arrived for me yesterday.... this is a 4 POUND cone of pure light fingering weight Vancouver Island wool from a fleece that I sent to the Qualicum Bay Fibre Works mill several months ago for processing! (The coffee mug is included for perspective... the cone is about 14" high and 10" in diameter!)

If I'm reading the label correctly, I believe it claims to be about 12,000 METRES of wool. Guess I have some knitting to do (and some dying, too...)

Not today though... I have Welcome Wagon stuff to do, and a pair of dog-hair mittens to finish (one down, one to go...).

Four more sleeps!  :)


Esther V. said...

you knit...while I sew poodle skirts for my granddaughter and her friend for a Halloween dance at school and then for Halloween night...
yup..4 more

Unknown said...

I keep meaning to comment and say - I've been twice to Ontario and back by train in the last year. I recommend taking something to sit on! It's quite possible you will get one of the older cars and the cushioning is not so..well..cushiony lol.Also a sleep mask.
Have fun!
Laurie aka rewselene

Esther V. said...

Laurie doesn't realize that you and I have been 'gifted' with our own God-given 'cushions'....LOL...

Unknown said...

Laurie has a fatter 'cushion' than either of you lol.