Monday, January 7, 2013

I am watching now as each day grows a tiny bit longer ... I've always quietly celebrated 'the return of the light' because I really don't like darkness!

I do enjoy the sort of quasi-hibernating that happens for that week or so after the Christmas craziness ... getting lots of knitting done, keeping the fire stoked so it's toasty on the boat, making soups, watching the winter diving birds that show up this time of year -- it's just actual darkness I'm not crazy about. Navigating the dock is a bit more of a challenge, the ramp is somewhat spooky with various tree branches hanging down over it, and Salt Spring's roads can be downright hazardous even on a sunny day, much less in the dark (and accompanying drizzle, this time of year)!

So, yes, knitting has happened, of course. I've been in 'home' mode -- I cranked out a lampshade I've been wanting to make for quite awhile, to cover an old ugly one ...
.. and then a new bathmat for the aft cabin ensuite:
It's bigger than it looks! And now I'm working on a new throw for the back of the loveseat. I also couldn't resist signing up for a Jan. 1st shawl knit-along, and took my knitting along to Salt Spring's excuse for a Polar Bear swim. These two guys, apparently brothers, turned up!

Then I took the shawl with me for some 'quiet time' overlooking the Salt Spring Sailing Club, where there was a New Year's Day regatta in progress...
 See? Those are boats, trying to sail!
And -- I finished this shawl in three days:
It's bigger than it looks, too, but I couldn't resist having Gibson model it. We had the boys over for the last two days of their Christmas break, so that was nice!

I made the time for a walk the other day, too .... everything is damp and 'rain-forest-y' right now...

Today I am back to work with Welcome Wagon for the first time in three weeks, and looking forward to it... a few appointments this morning, and then knitting circle in Ganges this afternoon!  :-)

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Anonymous said...

Marilyn... your lampshade is awesome! I love it! and you have such beautiful scenery for your walk. Makes me envious. Happy New Year!