Monday, January 28, 2013

Only on Salt Spring...

Actually, I've visited more than one Gulf Island where sheep roamed at large... but on Salt Spring Island, it may actually be part of the acknowledged culture. 

It's been cold... this is the view of the ferry terminal in front of us just after the ferry pulled out and disappeared into the fog ... doesn't that look cold?
 But then again, having relatively clear skies is the only time you get 'pink sky at night' sunsets like this one!
I haven't exactly been hibernating... but I do spend as much time as possible knitting in front of the fire! Clue #4 in the lace shawl knit-along will be out this morning, and in the meantime I'm working on a commission for some leggings that the gal has asked me to turn into socks, basically. The colors she chose are light blue, navy and chocolate brown, and I'm on the mid-section already (knitting from the top down):
It's been fun and easy so far, but pretty soon I have to switch from my circulars to double-points and that'll slow me down!

Speaking of knitting, we just had Gibson here for the weekend (too busy to take pics!) and he says to me, "Grandma, can you knit me a hat?" "Well of course I can! What do you want it to look like?" "I'll draw you a picture." So he drew me a picture as best any 6-year-old can, and of course, it told me nothing. So I asked a lot of questions... it's worn by a character in one of his favorite TV shows, apparently, and his friend at school showed up with this hat knitted by his mom, so now Gibson wants one, too.

Armed with just enough information, I did a little internet sleuthing ... et voila! Here is the hat he wants me to knit ... it's called the 'Brobee' hat, from the TV show "Yo Gamma Gamma". Apparently.
Of course he wanted it done before he got on the ferry to go home yesterday, but I promised it to him for next weekend. Ack! Anyone in my world know how to crochet and want to do me a big favor? I'm knitting the hat (and the red 'spikes') as we speak, but the facial features are ALL crocheted.

All I know is .... when any of my grandchildren wants me to me knit something for them, I'm all over that!  :-)

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