Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, that was fun!

I left home at about 7 a.m. and headed, of course, for Clover Point, where I cast on for my first-ever pair of socks. They were toddler-sized, and I used the pattern/tutorial here... - scroll down to 'Six Steps to Socks Success', which is a two-page .pdf, complete with diagrams of the process. It worked perfectly!

It was misty out toward the Trial Island light ...

And these dudes were already bird-watching into the mist as I cast on...

... and this dude was fishing from his kayak ...

I got the cuffs done, and by that time there was quite a bit of traffic at the Point, so I moved on to Trafalgar Square, where I took the picture of my first-ever turned heel, below. I finished sock #1 there, and then treated myself to lunch at the Oak Bay Marina. (If you're a local, and you've never been there, it was fabulous! I had a lovely piping hot chicken stew, a cheese scone and a coffee-of-the-Starbucks-variety ... and got change back from $10!)

Then I drove about two blocks away to a little look-out over Cadboro Bay where I cast on for the second sock and watched a beginner kayaking class ...

In the background in that picture (you can click on it to see the bigger version) you can see about 50 laser sailboats -- there must have been a big regatta going on at the Yacht Club, just around the bend.

Finished sock #2, and was home by 3 pm.

I'll be casting on a me-size pair before the day is done today. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect way to learn socks - you can't get too frustrated with surroundings like those.

They're very cute. Hope the adult pair goes as smoothly!


Esther V. said...

Way to go Marilyn!!!
A sock-knitter has been unleashed...look out Barb B!!!!
You might consider getting a picture of BB's sock hat for your's neat.
Back to my 2mm adult instruction sheet re sock knitting is amazing!! THANKS. - Esther.