Wednesday, March 25, 2009


After nearly 11 years on the Wind Walker, our V-berth bathroom has finally had the facelift it's needed since we moved aboard. I can't get a decent picture of it to save my life (it's a small, dark, corner ... what can I say?) but I can tell you that it looks wonderful!

I've finally been able to hang the pictures my sister Julie painted for me, and the reprint photo of the Bluenose, a famous Nova Scotia ship, which I love!

Last time I was down at Clover Point (which seems like weeks, but it's really only been 5 or 6 days) I also finished another one of the Ravelry 'Traveling Scarves' -- I even remembered to toss the remnants out on the grass for the nesting birds to find:

Speaking of nesting birds, have you checked out the Islands' 'eagle cams?' There's one in Sidney, just 20 minutes from here, and the other one is on Hornby Island -- that eagle pair has been nesting for over 20 years! (If you just see black it's because it's night-time here....)
Sidney Eagle Cam

Hornby Island

When they're just sitting on their eggs it's a bit like watching paint dry, but if you catch them when they switch off, it's pretty interesting.

I'm slowwwwwwwwly on the mend, but I can hardly move today .... sore ribs from coughing so much! I can relax and work on my spring socks ... I chose to knit these right now because I thought the colors would cheer me up. It hasn't worked.


Louisa said...

Your new "head" looks great! Though I was having flashbacks from my days as a sailor - only power-boaters can have things just sitting out on shelves and counters. Heh! In a sailboat, anything not secured ends up on the floor! Do you stow it all before you take the Windwalker out in the chop?

Louisa said...

Forgot to mention that I hope you are feeling tip-top again soon! Those sore ribs are not fun.

Esther V. said...

Way to go, Marilyn, for leaving the left over yarn on the grass for the birds to use for their nests! I've been doing that for years at Beacon Hill Park when knitting there 3 times a week while listening to the free music concerts Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays! So looking forward to those concerts again this year...
also..thanks for the help with the socks on Monday...Please take it easy with your can come back for months!!