Monday, January 16, 2012


One of my 'crosses to bear,' it seems, is an ongoing battle with excema. I had a particularly severe outbreak on my hands at Christmas (can you say 'stress??') ... I'll spare you the details, but I ended up on an antibiotic, which I then reacted to - severely. Makes the excema discomfort seem like nothing, I can tell you that!

So I am stupid on anti-histamines and anti-inflamatories now, and the antibiotic reaction made the outbreak on my hands even worse! Makes for very slow knitting (especially because I'm supposed to be wearing cotton gloves) and a miserable me.

Between that and the recent weather, I've hardly been out of the boat -- I went to knitting on Thursday and I'll go to Rock Salt today, but it's been really cold and yesterday it even snowed for an hour or so. It's all gone now, but there's supposed to be more later today.
These fellows had gone out to set their crab and shrimp traps, and got caught in it:
They admitted that it was a pretty weird experience.

I taught sock-knitting on Saturday! A couple of gals from the knitting group wanted to learn, so I put an ad on our local 'info exchange' list to see if anyone 'out there' was interested, and several people called ... so I had two classes with 4 people in each. Even with the stupid gloves on and feeling exhausted, I had a great time!

Getting lots of knitting done, but not much to show yet. The cowl is nearly done and I'll get pictures of it later; I'm on my second blanket strip, and the spring socks I cast on for myself have about an inch of cuff so far. And then, since I didn't have quite enough projects on the needles, apparently, I joined a shawl 'mystery knit-along' on Ravelry. I've finished the first 'clue':
... and I think I'll take my miserable self back to bed now!


Louisa said...

Oh poor you! I totally sympathize with the nasty skin things. Feel better soon, Marilyn!

Esther V. said...

great blog, Marilyn.
Would enjoy seeing pictures of your sock class you're having a good time.
New flooring for my kitchen at 7:30am tomorrow...finally!
Have you done an allergy test for wool re your exzema on your hands?
I know I get a rash when I do alot of my felting...worth looking into?