Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We went to Victoria on the weekend -- we hadn't spent any time with the kids for ages, and there was lots of Christmas-y stuff going on downtown!

First up was supposed to be a 'Snow Carnival' in Centennial Square with an ice sculpture contest, etc., but it was pouring rain and miserable, so we opted to just hang out with the boys at their house until time to go to the Truck Parade. Besides River (14) and Gibson(6), we also had River's friend Max (12) and Mischa's new guy's son Gabriel (9). (We gave Mischa and Peter the night off to go out).

The truck parade is an amazing annual event that raises money for the food bank, and brings hundreds of people out along Dallas Road. I'm always SO impressed with the tremendous amount of work that goes into decorating these trucks... over eighty of them! Here's just a few examples:

(You can see an amazing slide show at the Island Equipment Owners Association website here).

Then we drove from Dallas Road around the harbour to watch the boat parade (remember to click on the pics to make them bigger)....

Then it was home for hot chocolate and warm beds!

Sunday morning we had brunch with Mischa, Jason and Kristin ...
(Hailey, that gap between River and Kristin is where you should have been!) What a motley crew we are, huh?

I finally finished the Bow Tie Hat and it is making its way to France as we speak... I got a gal at our knitting circle yesterday to model it for me:


Ganges is 'beginning to look a lot like Christmas...'

(Didja see the reindeer?)

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