Monday, January 7, 2008


Next weekend Michael and I will celebrate having met 30 years ago (on Jan. 12th) at a special B& B/cabin out in Sooke. We booked the place online, sight unseen, so we decided yesterday to go for a drive and check it out.

First of all, we always enjoy 'road trips', of any description, together. We usually pack our own picnic before we leave home, he drives and I knit, and we get to have *uninterrupted* (by the phone, boat owners on the dock, grandchildren...)conversations. We also sometimes drive for miles in silence, and that's pretty nice, too!

So yesterday the sun was out, and off we went. It's about a 45-minute drive on a lovely twisty road out to East Sooke, and the place was really nice. We met and chatted with the couple who run it, and wandered around the property. (I'll post photos and tell more after we've been there!)

On the way back we decided to stop at Esquimalt Lagoon and enjoy the sun for awhile, and I only realized as we drove by a new development en route there that there was a story in the morning paper about it. Doesn't look like much ...

... but apparently an ancient dwelling has been unearthed on this former First Nations land, along with other artifacts from possibly nearly 3000 years ago. Across the street from this development is a view of the wide-open Juan de Fuca Strait, and yesterday it was a-buzz with activity: a large freighter on its way to the open Pacific, sailboats, and even a couple of guys in a little row-boat bringing crab-traps ashore.

ON THE NEEEDLES: The day was made even lovelier by the fact that I made about 5' progress on the purple shawl, and finished a few more squares for River's blanket.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful knitting! I was wondering what the pattern is for the shawl - it's just lovely! Also the squares - are they plain garter squares like the dishcloths? Inquiring knitters want to know! :-)
Liz Lafferty

Monica said...

Hope you two have a lovely romantic holiday. You deserve it.