Thursday, January 31, 2008


One of our favorite pastimes here in the harbour is going for rides in our little inflatable ... an activity we're sorely missing and looking forward to when these cold days get behind us! Michael is specially looking forward to taking the boys out now that Gibson is a bit older...

Living in what's called the 'Upper Harbour' we usually don't have to go far for entertainment - there's a working shipyard right across from us.

This tug is the Benjamin Foss, which was built in Houma, Louisiana in 1980 and is 75 feet long and 26.3 feet wide. It's currently running out of Gray's Harbour, Washington, but we see it often here. Here's a clip from a press release about Foss Maritime in Seattle:

"The Foss Maritime Company’s commitment to environmental stewardship was underscored last month when a top maritime organization recognized 59 of its vessels for outstanding safety records.

The Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) honored the Foss vessels at a CSA achievement dinner in Washington, D.C. Altogether, the ships have achieved the equivalent total of 362 years without an environmental mishap."

Pretty impressive, huh? Well, we hope to be in our little dinghy to great ol' Ben next time she goes by our marina!

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Barbara-Kay said...

Ah, a Louisiana tug! You have to watch those Cajuns - they're like Cormorants. They'll fish your pond empty, cher! VBG!

Right now, it's 37 F in Zachary, LA. Good knitting weather.