Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yesterday morning I took my favorite 'scenic' route home from the regular meeting of the Victoria Knitter's Guild and was surprised by a sight at Ogden Point that I didn't expect to see until at least April...

If this looks just like an ordinary freighter to you, click on the photo to see the larger version. It's actually one of about half a dozen of these ships that travel the world carrying folks' private boats. It would have come from at least Florida (via the Panama Canal) and it takes two days, with those giant cranes to 'plop' every one of those fancy-dancy yachts into the water! It's quite something to see... and you can only dream of the lifestyle that allows people to pay .... hmmm... I seem to recall a figure of about $25,000 ... just to ship their ship to a new playground.

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Monica said...

Besides being a nosy parker, I love reading what you are up to. Always such interesting things. Writing a blog isn't so easy and you make it look very easy. And you have such interesting things to say.