Saturday, February 2, 2008


... and no, I don't mean because of the weather, which has been considerably warmer since last time I referred to it.

It's like Christmas because I got two parcels in the mail day before yesterday! The first one was from an International Scarf Exchange participant in TAIWAN, who sent me a gorgeous fuschia-colored lace shawl and a few other goodies. It matches one of my favorite sweaters perfectly -- I wore it to Knit'n'Cafe yesterday, and it got lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' -- thanks so much, Annie! (I'll get pics later today and post them..)

The second parcel was my first-ever mail-order from and I'm pretty impressed. After stringing a kazillion beads and casting on at least twice before, this is definitely the perfect wool for Sivia's Moonshadow Stole KAL (see sidebar). It's an alpaca-merino blend in an almost-navy-blue laceweight, and it's lovely. I also bought the Harmony Guide '450 MORE Stitches' -- and I placed this order Monday, and the parcel arrived Thursday, nicely packaged and intact.

On the bad news front, I just discovered this morning that there's a fairly serious error about 12 rows back on my 'Secret of the Stole' and I'm going to have to frog that today. Aaarrrggghhhhh..... Lesson learned: when you have a *hunch* there might have been a mistake in the row you just knit (even though the stitch count is correct)and then you knit another row and you're *pretty sure* there might be a mistake, it's not a good idea to knit another 10 rows -- other than the fact that with a few more inches of fabric to stare at, the mistake is more glaringly obvious!

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