Monday, August 18, 2008


29 years ago this morning, I woke up with a hangover, sick, sorry, and sober.

It wasn't the first time I'd been in that state. In fact, I'd lived a nightmare for two years by then -- spiraling down into the black hole that is alcoholism, in danger of losing my children, my mind, and everything I had. And I hadn't 'fallen in' to that way of life accidently, either -- I'd grown up in an alcoholic,violent and unpredictable home, so I was a mess before I ever drank. Indeed, alcohol started out as the 'solution', then became the problem.

You wouldn't have wanted to know me then.

But I decided that morning would be the last.

I haven't had a drink since then -- August 18th, 1979 -- and my life today bears absolutely no resemblance to what it was then, or what it would have been had I continued down that path. Every single day is a new lease on life -- an opportunity to live differently -- and I'm so grateful!

That's why my son reminded me that I, too, am a survivor -- and he was right.

So it was wonderful to celebrate yesterday by watching these brave and amazing women ... here's the race (you can click the images to see them bigger):

The raft-up:

And the start of the carnation ceremony:

Truly, I think ALL women are survivors, and we are all amazing!


Anonymous said...

It's a pleasure to mark your celebration. Congratulations!

Georgi said...

Marilyn, how wonderful you are to have overcome alcoholism and stayed sober for 29 years! That is tremendous and I salute you!

Anonymous said...

You're great yanno :)
I read this blog all the time
Its really interesting and challenging how he talks openly and honestly about his addiction and mental health issues.
Had a great time yesterday. Btw did i ever give you the addy for my 'depression' blog?
I'm proud of you :)

Anonymous said...

Well done, Marilyn. A true survivor, and a wonderful milestone.


Grace Yaskovic said...

Amen!!! If its not one thing its another and survive it we do!!!! Congrats on 29 years of sobriety!!!