Friday, January 29, 2010

My trip to Whistler via Parksville was pretty uneventful, and I arrived at Hailey's by mid-afternoon yesterday. By the time I got unpacked and settled in we went for supper and then called it a day.

Today I got my accreditation! I'll get Hailey to take a photo of me 'all decked out' tomorrow, but my internet connection is spotty here so I thought I better get on while I could. I got my 'uniform' -- track pants, two long-sleeved sweaters, a coat, a fleece vest and a touque; a travel mug; a few discount coupons (The Bay and Petro-Can, of course!) and some post cards.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to spend some time getting to know the routes I'll be driving a little better.

It's pretty exciting to be here, and the momentum in Whistler is definitely building! I'll update as I can... :-)

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