Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I got an email yesterday from VANOC confirming that Olympic volunteers can attend the dress rehearsal of the OPENING CEREMONIES at no charge! I've emailed my contact in the Transportation Centre because ... I'm scheduled to work a shift that day in Whistler, but the ceremony is in Vancouver, and I'd sure love to be there. I'm just hoping that volunteers who *don't* care about going to the ceremony will 'step up' so that the rest of us can have that day off ... I'll keep you posted. :-)

Meanwhile, here in my real world, I did manage to get a few hours work done yesterday, and hope to again today. The birthday boy was here overnight, though, so I took the evening off. Our friends Penny and Robin gave us a 'Boggle' game for Christmas so we played that -- River loves word games -- and then watched Home Alone. (That's a Christmas season 'must' in this household, and I hadn't had a chance to watch it yet -- now the season is complete)!

And a few rows of knitting happened -- I'm hoping to complete three or four new scarf/hat/mittens sets for myself to wear to Whistler, so I've started on the first one -- a fuschia-colored set in an alpaca/soy blend that's lovely.

Sorry, no pics today,and no other interesting news! Back to work now...