Monday, May 10, 2010


I don't have a 'bucket list' (mainly because I feel like I already live such an amazing life day-to-day) but if I did, meeting this woman would be really high up the list...

Alexandra Morton has been one of my two women heroes for about 20 years now (the other one is Ellen MacArthur, in case you care) -- and this weekend I played a small part in her Salmon Are Sacred walk to the Legislature.

The cops and at least one politician said it was the largest 'environmental' rally ever held in BC -- at least 1000 people did the final leg of the walk (from City Hall to the Legislative grounds) and about 5000 total showed up there for the 'grand finale.' It was an incredible thing to be part of!

Then yesterday some of us gathered again -- at Clover Point! -- to participate in a Traditional First Nations Salmon Blessing ... again, a very emotional time for me, and I got to speak to Alex briefly on our walk down to the beach.

I'll have more pictures and details tomorrow, but I'm heading out the door right now!

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