Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have a confession to make ... we watch American Idol in this house. I've never been big on TV, so this is a huge leap for me.

I can remember, over the past few years, poking fun at American Idol fans. I mean, sometimes it seemed like you couldn't go anywhere without hearing snippets of conversation about who's been eliminated, who's favored, etc. -- in the line-up at the bank, in coffee shops and in passing on the street. I thought it was pretty amusing how intense people were about it. But along the way, we got pulled in when the opera dude burst on the scene a few years ago, and then again when Susan Boyle created a sensation in Britain. And then, somehow, in January, we sort of got hooked in to the early auditions for this season... and now we are glued to the television every Tuesday and Wednesday evening, along with several million others, apparently!

My personal favorite? Well it was 'Big Mike' but Lee was a close second anyway.

I think he's going to win ... don't you??

On another note, I can always tell when it's less than 6 weeks to FibreFest -- I lose all track of time, I'm spinning my wheels constantly but at the end of the day it doesn't feel like I've accomplished much, and I'm exhausted!

Fashion show tickets will go on sale today at noon at Knotty by Nature, and I'll have some on me as well, if you're local.

We had a nice visit with Chuck on the weekend, and got out for an inflatable picnic, too! Knitting has happened on the blue sweater, but still no real progress to report - and the never-ending 50th pair of socks is still dying of loneliness in the bag.

But, hey! There's a world around me ... this creature was seen in our parking lot the other day:

Wanna see that from a different angle?

It's the size of a Volkswagon, this machine! Anyone know what it IS?


Lynne said...

No, I don't know what it is, but I did see one hooting along the Lougheed Highway last Sunday. Thought it was an errant lawn tractor, but then realized we were doing 80 klicks. Somehow, up close (those pictures of the beast are great), it does not look any more comfortable than a regular motorcycle!
Almost forgot - I always look forward to your pictures of the waters around Victoria. What a great place to live!

Esther V. said...

What a neat motorcycle!! Have a few friends that would lust for that one!
Check out my blog
EstherWoodWork for my latest blog...
Would love to borrow these for your FibreFest!! Even if they aren't made of yarn...
how cool are they!
See you Friday at SeriousKnitters.

admin said...

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