Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm not sure what happened but I haven't been able to post since yesterday morning -- I was intending to, really I was!

I got to visit my great wheel at Wendy's last week -- doesn't it have a lovely view?

Well, it's only 5 days until World Wide Knit in Public Day kicks off the 2010 Victoria FibreFest, and I'm down to the wire with only about 37,000 more details to take care of.

I've been knitting, though, and people ask me how on earth I have time to knit. Well, we all make choices with the 24 hours we all have every single day -- and I gotta tell ya, if I didn't choose to spend at least an hour of it knitting, every single day, I'd be even crazier than I am now (those of you who know me well need not comment...)

So I knit. Either early in the morning here at home before the rest of the world wakes up, or -- on occasion, when I have to 'hit the decks' running as soon as I get up -- for 45 minutes or so down at Clover Point at some time during the day. But it keeps me sane (more or less, see above caveat) and calm.

I finished sock pair #50. I ripped out the adult ones that had been on the needles since February, though, because the stitches had fallen off so many times they were a big mess. So I knit a little person pair for Gibson, who actually requested them.

I also started a prayer shawl for Linda, a member of our Thursday spinning circle who was in a serious car accident last week. I tried to pick colors I knew she'd like, that would be cheery and uplifting, and also pick textures that would create a cozy, comforting shawl for her. I've been accosting every knitter I know, everywhere I go, to add to it...

And finally, I've done a few rows on the wedding afghan, but it will have to wait now until after the Fest to be finished:

So - if you are local and you haven't got your Fashion Show/Dinner tickets yet, or registered for one of Cat Bordhi's classes, you better hustle up -- time's running out!

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Julie said...

You know to get dinner tickets for Trisha and I, right? And to reserve 2 beds for us? We'll be there with bells on!