Friday, June 18, 2010


Even though we had World Wide Knit in Public Day and Spin Around the Spindle last week, I still think of the 'real' Victoria FibreFest as the event that starts tonight with our dinner and fashion show. Of course, I still have 217 details to take care of today, but I'm getting excited now, too -- I've seen some of the pieces that will be in tonight's show, and they're stunning!

Meanwhile, I mentioned a few entries ago that we started a prayer shawl for Linda, a member of our little spinning circle who was in a serious car accident a few weeks ago. Wendy and Rosalie went to see her yesterday and gave her the finished shawl...

I think she liked it. :-) Linda has a long way to go to heal, though, so that smile is in spite of being in a lot of pain.

If you're local (or not too far away), I hope to see you this weekend at the Victoria FibreFest!