Tuesday, June 22, 2010


And it was wonderful, again!

The Friday night dinner and fashion show was a bit smaller than it's been (we sold only 60 tickets -- last year it was at least 75) but the food was somewhat better, and the fashion show was amazing, as always. I have much better pictures coming, but here's Ursa from Gaia's Colours, who sponsored the evening ...

And a bit of the crowd...

The day at Saxe Point started out cold and a bit windy, but by about 2 pm the sun was out, the wind had died and it was glorious ... and I haven't got a single picture to show you! Other people do, though, so I'll post some as soon as I have them. I realized this morning that I don't even have a single photo of Cat Bordhi, so I sure hope someone took some and will share them with me!

Much more to come about FibreFest 2010 .... I did pretty much nothing yesterday, and hope to do about the same today. Oh... but I did manage, some time in the past two weeks, to finally finish my 50th pair of socks! Between that and surviving the FibreFest and the fact that it's my 6th blogiversary in 12 days, I intend to celebrate by launching a contest of some kind soon, so stay tuned!

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