Thursday, July 8, 2010


Okay, I'm going to get issues here ... I posted a CONTEST three days ago, and not one single person has entered -- what's up with that? If I don't get several entries, it's hardly a contest, so here's the info again, from July 5th:

TODAY is my BLOGOVERSARY, and I promised a contest to celebrate that and my 50th pair of knitted socks, didn't I? So, here it is -- to enter my blogoversary contest:

1. Post the contest on your blog with a clickable link to this post, and invite folks to come on over and enter. That gets you one entry into the draw.

2. Post a comment on my blog letting me know that you're 'in' and giving me a clickable link to YOUR blog post about it. That gets you another entry.

3. Every person who does the same two steps, but adds that YOU sent them gets you another entry in to the draw.

4. Answer these simple questions (which can be found in the contents of my blog without looking very hard, and you can email the answers to skipper at mvwindwalker dot com):
- what are my grown children's names?
- what are my grandchildren's names?
- what does my house look like?
- what do I do for a living?
- which blogoversary is this (in other words, how long have I been blogging?)
- where's my favorite 'get-away'?
Correct answers to four of the six questions gets you THREE entries into the draw.

The contest ends on July 16th at 6 pm PST, and one name will be drawn randomly sometime on the weekend of July 17th-18th. The winner will receive a gift basket of goodies (fibery goodies if the winner identifies as a fibre person; other goodies if not) valued at approximately $50!

Laying around being sick is NOT fun -- for the third time in my life I had a temperature approaching 104 degrees night before last, and it took almost two hours to get it down just under 102! Yesterday was only slightly better -- it fluctuated between 100-102 the whole day, but at least I could sit up (read: KNIT!), stay awake for more than an hour, and drink lots of water.

The temperature outside got up to 89 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, so I sat in one spot most of the day with a fan trained on my face! I'm on antibiotics, so the good news is that I'm on the mend ... for example, today I just feel like someone ran over me with a very large truck - but my temperature is apparently normal.

KNITTING happens when you're incapable of doing anything else! I've finished a shawl for the Sexual Assault Centre, Gibson's hounds-tooth-check socks, and two hats for

Today will be more of the same -- the heat wave, and my complete lack of energy, continues!


Grace said...

I am in, its been so hot here I am a little behind in my reading I have already linked you to my blog in my post for today and I will send an email to you shortly with answers!! Hope you feel better very soon !

Scrabblequeen said...

Grace sent me over to check out your blog, which I will do! I can't answer any questions, as today is my first visit. But, I'll do some snooping around while I'm here...