Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ha! That's the only kind of day I seem to be having since the FibreFest -- still sick, still have no energy.

Yesterday morning our Galiano friend Mike was coming for coffee, so when it was time for him to head back to the ferry, Michael and I locked up the boat, shut off the cell phone, and drove him back out to Sidney. (Mike always arrives at the ridiculous hour of 9 a.m. when he catches the first boat over, so it was before noon that we were taking him back out...)

Then we treated ourselves to a late lunch overlooking the Sidney harbour, and then we drove over and parked at my favorite spot near the Anacortes ferry. Michael read the paper and dozed, and I played with lace...
Wanna see that closer? :)

It's a stitch pattern sequence from a knitted dress out of an ancient Vogue magazine, and it may become a cowl for me -- but it's fun to play with in the meantime until I decide.

Today already looks like more of the same for me ... I'm pretty sick of being sick!

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Adam and Nicole Jordan said...

Very cool blog! We live just southeast of you. Small world...See you on the water!