Friday, July 23, 2010


The day started out gloomy and gray, but the sun eventually came out and it turned in to a lovely day. Unfortunately the 20-knot wind never abated from the moment we woke up ... so the knitting cruise was unable to go cruising!

Six intrepid knitters turned up, though, and to my delight, they all elected to stay and make a day of it ...

We knitted, we chatted, we laughed, we ate great pot luck contributions -- all on the bridge of the Wind Walker, which never left the dock. By the time I remembered to take pictures, Anne and Ruth had already gone, but Deb, Della, Wendy and Louise and I hung out until almost 4 pm. It would have been really nice to actually untie the ropes and change the scenery, but we had a great time, anyway!

I have started another shawl of my own design .... it's in a heathery-lavender color in Jagger-Spun 100% wool, and it's already looking like my most challenging project to date:

Some time today Hailey arrives from Whistler for a week or so -- I'll finally be able to put FibreFest 2010 'to bed' with her help! But more importantly, we'll celebrate her (last week) 33rd birthday by following the tradition we started when she was about 18 -- we'll go to the Salt Spring Island market for the day tomorrow! Then by the time we get home, Julie and her friend Erin should be arriving from up-Island, and we'll hopefully go for an overnight cruise Sunday and Monday.

Looks like lots of 'R & R' and knitting time for me ... "just what the doctor ordered" since I'm still not 100% back on my feet yet.

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Grace said...

my oldest daughter is 33, where do the days go, So hope you have a wonderful restful visit, and can't wait to see your new shawl!!