Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines Day to everyone! My wish for you is that you have love in your life .... I know I sure do, more than my share, and I'll count my blessings today for sure.

I'll also be tackling a loooong to-do list this week -- I have a brochure design to finalize, an interview article to write, and a website to finish, because on Sunday I leave for 5 days in Whistler with Mischa and the boys, and that will be my last little break before full-on Victoria FibreFest planning/doing! There are already several things in the works for that event, which you'll hear about this week if you're on the mailing list...

We've had two or three nights of big winds in the past week, and another storm is supposed to blow through tonight -- lots of rockin' and rollin' goin' on here!

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