Thursday, February 24, 2011


Mischa and I and the boys are having a great time in Whistler -- but I forgot the cable to upload pics from my camera, so I can't show you any of those until I get home. Which was supposed to be today, but -- now, isn't this funny? The entire lower Vancouver Island got a huge dump of snow yesterday, with more expected for today -- so no one's supposed to be driving in it if they can help it! Here's a couple of web cam grabs from near Clover Point...
And you can see a whole gallery of them here if it interests you!

We're off for brunch now, and then the rest of this gang is going to do the Peak2Peak Gondola ride .... I think I'll find a warm place to knit, personally!

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Anonymous said...

The irony being we got no snow up here in CR.