Friday, February 18, 2011


It's been a busy one, I know that. On Valentine's Day we went out for dinner with Mischa and Joe and the boys, and Michael gave me this lovely little 'air plant.'
I've been working hard all week to 'clear the decks' because we leave on Sunday for 5 days in Whistler, but I took a break last night and went to my Handweavers and Spinners Guild meeting - I had just finished my 5th shawl for the Ravelry challenge but I had a big debate going in my head about whether to put it in the 'Show 'n' Tell because it's not handspun. It IS natural fibre, one strand of which was hand-dyed locally, and it's my own design ... so the two women I was sitting with convinced me to put it in....
The Guild's Show'n'Tell always blows me away because there are SO many talented weavers and spinners there ... look at some of these items!
Look even closer! :)

During our break, we are all encouraged to vote for our 'People's Choice' of all the entries. At the end of the evening the coordinators announced a few prizes for participants .... they had gift bags for the 'most colorful,' and a few other interesting on-the-spot categories, and then they announced the 'People's Choice' .... my shawl!! I almost fell off my chair -- and my prize was a little leather Namaste case which will hold my stitch markers perfectly. :-)

More work this morning, and then off to Knit'n'Cafe this afternoon!