Monday, November 28, 2011


I never made it to knitting at the Rock Salt today ... we were having a looooooong breakfast with Jason and Mischa, and missed the 1 pm ferry.

Knitting did happen, though ... I finished a second pair of socks for Gibson for Christmas, a cloche to go with the pale yellow shawl, and I got started on a pair of socks for 'Galiano' Mike (who is now Ganges Mike) for Christmas.
'Something' will go in that 'criss--cross' spot, but I'm not sure what ... a giant button, a knitted flower, or a cluster of beads. Any opinions out there? :)
Plain beige for a plain kind of guy .... a nice, easy knit, too!

The hotel room was lovely (but I'd *never* pay the going rate for it -- probably $170 a nite), and, of course, BC was victorious in the Grey Cup. Here's a screen shot of the Mounties bringing in the cup...
I preferred the view out the window, personally ...
... and I'm glad to be home. :-)


Esther V. said...

Cast on 66 stitches
**K1 cast of 9 K1**
Repeat **=** SIX times... now you have 12 stitches remaining...draw the end thru these 12 stitches..and have the neatest button for your yellow hat..make 3 for a cluster..adding a tiny button in the centre of the button really finishes it off...see picture of baby hat on my blog! Darn...sorry to have missed you today in much for surprises.. two more blogs for November!! then what???

Esther V. said...

Correction to comment previous to this one...

oops *K1 cast OFF 9 K1*
on my Nov. 21 blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to a button, myself.