Tuesday, October 21, 2008


(Photo taken from her official website...)

We are off to Vancouver this morning for the Celine Dion concert tonight at GM Place! The reviews all talk about how the audience for her concerts is mostly women 'with husbands in tow,' but in our case, it's the other way around -- Michael's been in love with Celine for years. I like her, but not stupidly, like he does. :-)

We'll spend the night (because MY reward will be checking out a few yarn shops) and be back tomorrow. And, as always when we travel, I get lots of knitting time ... driving to and from the ferry, on the ferry and in the hotel. I'm looking forward to the whole adventure, actually -- we can't remember the last time we went off the Island, so it'll be a nice change.

I finished Hailey's scarf, but as I write, it's too dark to take a picture. More tomorrow!

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